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Events and Links
Want some real ZIP in your tanker? Check out our newest NETCA car!
Here are our sprint meetings in the Warwick PD's Community Room:
April Meeting, Wednesday 4/11/18 at 7PM
May Meeting, Wednesday 5/9/18 at 7PM
June Meeting, Thursday 6/7/18 at 7PM

Join us for Show and Tell, coffee and donuts and our new 50/50 Raffle!

Here is the tentative date, location and time for our September Train Show:
Date, Third Saturday of September, 9/15/18
Time, 9AM to 2PM
Place, Pilgrim High School in Warwick, RI

Flyer and dealer contracts will be pending the finalization of show plans.
Show Flyer: Click Me
Dealer Contract: Click Me

Thanks to all who attended our January 2018 Train Show! We are working on planning our next event and will post details once we have chosen our venue and time.
Thanks to all who attended our March Fun Meeting! A good time was had by all. Since our new venue (the Warwick Police Station) worked so well, we will be staying here for the immediate present.

Click This Link to view pictures from one of our past Show and Tells.

Video of Joe's Hafner Set from our May 2017 Casual Meeting: Click Me
Official Website of NETCA (our parent division)
New England Train Shows
SNEC: By-Laws
Due to recent hacking attempts we have been forced to remove contact information from this page. Should you wish to contact one of our Board Members, please contact the Webmaster (professor_ken12@hotmail.com) with your name and purpose of business with club.

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